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Individual Therapy

One-on-one counseling sessions to provide support needed to work through challenging experiences or explore concerns and develop skills to cope with stressors and symptoms. Sessions are typically 50 minutes. I have experience with different modalities, including CBT and EMDR. 

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I can help with…

  • Depression

Perhaps you feel sad most days, unhappy or dissatisfied, or have a sense of hopelessness, or lack of motivation. 

  • Anxiety

Maybe you question your own knowledge or skills (AKA Imposter Syndrome), or feel as though you worry more than others. Perhaps you have difficulty saying no to people or setting boundaries. 

  • Grief

Whether you’ve suffered a loss of someone you know, or you’ve gone through a significant life change, such as moving to a new area or the end of a relationship, you may be experiencing a sense of sorrow or heartache. 

  • Trauma

Perhaps you recently went through a significant life-changing event or maybe you have suffered distressing experiences and feel as if you have been in survival mode for too long

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Karina Arias Counseling
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