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Immigration Evaluations

If you have an open and active immigration case, I can provide a comprehensive mental health assessment to support your case. I provide a non-judgmental environment and work closely with your attorney

to provide a mental health evaluation to support asylum, extreme hardship, or VAWA cases. The evaluation includes a in-depth clinical interview, assessment of symptoms and overall mental health, and a detailed report provided to your attorney. 

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Explaining psychological reasons why a client has missed the one-year filing deadline and detailing how their traumatic experiences provide evidence of the persecution they suffered. 


Identifying the unique factors contributing to a client's psychological distress,  such as illness, disability, professional, financial, or academic hardships, or adverse home-country conditions that would affect the petitioner or the family member. 


Detailing the mental health symptoms which are common for victims of domestic violence (regardless of sexual orientation or gender) 

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